Yes, please: J.Crew Minnie

J.Crew Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill, also in Regular, Tall, and Maternity.

When I found a used twill Minnie pant for less than twenty dollars, I did not expect that they would become an essential piece in my wardrobe. The Minnie makes everything else I pair with it effortlessly chic. The substantial twill fabric and faux besom pockets place these firmly in the pant category, yet they are stretchy like a second skin and as comfortable as leggings (I still only pair them with longer tops, though). The cropped length is flattering, modern, and actually cropped on petites.

How do they compare to the Martie and Ryder? These newer styles look great in the Style Guides, but neither tops what the Minnie achieves fit-wise.

How do they compare to the BR Sloan? The Minnie hides and smooths everything. The Sloan-fit Slim Ankle Pant shows more stuff, is a skinnier fit, and is ankle length not cropped. The regular Sloan fit was too large and baggy even with dryer shrinking, but the Sloan-fit Slim Ankle Pant is slimmer, has no knee or other wrinkles, and is the right length off the rack. One review of the particular style linked said the style ran small compared to other colors in the same fit, so maybe this one is an anomaly. In any case, it's definitely another option worth a try if you're in the market for skinny ankle pants.

Back to the Minnie. The side zip was a concern for me at first. Will it make my stomach look fat? Will I pinch myself with the zipper? Will it just be annoying? It takes more thought and work to use than a front zip, but it makes the pant sleek and slimming.

Mind you, it would fit well in the morning, but by lunch saggy butt had taken hold. These buggers stretched out so that I would have to keep pulling them up. I finally figured out that you can shrink these in the dryer. Goodbye, forever, saggy butt!

It is also possible to machine wash these despite the dry clean only label. Proceed at your own risk, though. It probably wears out the material faster and/or eventually leads to fading, but the convenience and cost-savings are alluring. I would not recommend drying them in the dryer unless you want them to shrink. In that case, you will want to carefully monitor them. Again, proceed at your own risk.

For petite petites, they are now offering 000P, which may help to render experimental dryer shrinking unnecessary. Below are measurements for 00P, 000P, and 000 Regular for comparison.

Measurements for 00P / 000P / 000 Regular

Waist - 27.13 in / 27.25 in / 28.13 in
Hip - 33 in / 29 (high hip) and 32 (low hip) in / 33 in
Inseam - 24 in / 24 in / 26 in

Looking at some of the reviews, sizing and cut may have changed since 2011. Does anyone know how the current version compares to past iterations?

How do you like the Minnie, Martie, Ryder, or Campbell? Who makes your favorite skinny pant?

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