DIY aromatherapy hand soap

I love buying soaps for the pretty packaging, dreamy scent names, and those foam dispensers, but they can be pretty concentrated and the fragrances can be quite strong. After being introduced to essential oils, and using them to make rosewater and other scented sprays, it occurred to me that you could use essential oils to add fragrance to soaps. It's very easy to do!


Unscented liquid soap
Essential oil in your scent(s) of choice
Soap pump dispenser

The Bath & Body Works soap dispensers can be reused several times, or you may prefer using a different dispenser. Simply fill your dispenser with unscented soap, then add about a dozen drops of essential oil. Shake to mix, and enjoy!

I highly recommend the Oasis Dishwash/All Purpose Cleaner. It is a concentrated formula that can be used for dishwashing (by hand), handwashing, hand washing garments, and even as bodywash or shampoo in different concentrations. It is "beyond biodegradable" (biodegrades into plant nutrients, which would be useful if you were reusing your greywater), not tested on animals, unscented, and without dyes. It is also highly effective as a dishwashing soap and hand soap. And one bottle can last years (okay, maybe that's because I rotate soaps).

How do you use essential oils?

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