Farmers' market totes under $100

IKEA NIPPRIG 2015 beach bag, seagrass. Photo credit: Wander Hour.
I'm hoarding large totes now that my city has banned plastic grocery bags and some places are charging for bags at check-out. Why not hoard bags that look nice?

You can't get more style for your buck than with the $4.99 IKEA NIPPRIG bag made of woven seagrass, as evidenced by the photo of it above by Wander Hour. Here's a similar Madewell one on EBay for just $36 plus shipping.

J.Crew's straw market tote is a smaller woven option, with leather handles and a beautiful shape. Here's a similar one from Urban Outfitters.

UO has a few other nice choices in suede and linen and recycled leather.

For leather options, I like this one and this one. For faux leather, this one by Gap is stylish and priced right.

Other places to check for good deals are EBay and Etsy.

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