Inexpensive abstract fabric art

When you have a blank wall that needs to be filled with some artwork, but don't want to spend a lot, one thing you can do is make your own artwork. An easy way to do this quickly with few materials is to use fabric scraps to create an abstract pattern.


Fabric scraps
Poster or picture frame in desired size
Double-stick tape

To make this piece, I already had remnant strips of fabric from another project. I cut the lengths down a bit so that I would have five pieces. I used the paper that came with the frame, but flipped it over to the blank white side. Then, I played with the arrangement of the fabric pieces until I found a composition I liked. I flipped the fabric over and used strips of double-stick tape to adhere the fabric strips in place. That's it! Just reassemble the picture frame, and hang on wall. For some tips on hanging art, see here.

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