Ice cream banana smoothie

This smoothie is so simple and tastes just like ice cream or frozen yogurt with no added sugar, making it a healthy way to indulge in the last days of summer.

Ice cream banana smoothie

1 to 2 sliced and frozen bananas, depending on size
Enough whole milk to run the blender without breaking it
Splash of vanilla extract, to taste

The key to this recipe is using frozen bananas and not adding too much liquid, as this is what changes the consistency of the smoothie to resemble frozen yogurt. Using ripe or over ripe bananas maximizes sweetness. Slice them, as shown above, then freeze them in a ziplock bag.

Sometimes the banana slices will stick together in the freezer bag, and it helps preserve the life of your blender if you break them apart before blending.

What's your favorite summer smoothie?

Photo credits, excluding middle photo, from top: Adapted from 'green' by smalljude; john.beil. Any derivative works licensed same as the original. All views expressed in this post are solely my own.

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